Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whitewater Capital

Journal Entry: Fifteen, White Water Capital of Colorado

Buena Vista is known for being the White Water Capital of Colorado. Some of the most exciting white water in the nation is found here. Tourists arrive each summer to partake in the wild-ride/adventure white waters of the Arkansas River. The headwaters of this river are in and near Leadville, on the northern most end of the valley. The upper half of the most rafted portion of the river is called Numbers. Numbers are a very physically demanding stretch of continuous and technical class 4 to 5 whitewater. Rafters should be physically fit to withstand the rigorous paddling and excitement afforded on this part of the river. The next stretch of the Arkansas River is named Brown’s Canyon. The beginning of this Brown’s Canyon is just a misleading, leisurely, peaceful rafting experience. Most people think this experience will just be a walk in the park. But half way down this portion of the river, the rapids launch and the thrill commences. This middle portion is more for the adventurous family with children at least over nine years old. Brown’s Canyon provides rafters with class 3 plus. Some of the rapids have names such as Pinball, Zoomflume, Bigdrop, Staircase, Punchbowl, Widow Maker and various others. Both areas are abundant with spectacular scenery and wildlife. These portions of the river are also excellent for fly fishing and kayaking.

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