Monday, January 21, 2008

National Pets of Colorado

Journal Entry: Fourteen, National Pets of Colorado

What is the National Pet of Colorado? Dogs. Not only are they mans best friend, they are everyone’s friend in Colorado. Almost every vehicle seen in town or on the road had a dog sitting in the front seat anxiously hanging their heads out the windows. Periodically, you must wash the windows of your vehicle because of the incessant drooling accumulated on them from the dog constantly hanging their heads out to let their jowls flap in the breeze. Every store you enter has a resident dog. I think you can take your dog anywhere and be accepted, the bank, restaurants, stores, post office, etc. There are plenty of other pets, but dogs are the quentessimal favorite without a doubt. Our family pet died a few years ago, but our grand-dogs are a great source of entertainment and comfort. Both dogs are Labrador Retrievers. Tex is an energetic blonde lab and Kaylie, a black retriever, is the queen bee. Both dogs love to go to the banks of the Arkansas River, jump into the swiftly moving, cold water, and retrieve a bright yellow tennis ball. These dogs will jump and swim until they physically cannot do it anymore. We have to make them stop and get their breaths before plunging in again into the middle of the rapids. I am amazed at what expert swimmers they are.

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