Friday, March 28, 2008


Journal Entry: Twenty two, ATV’s

Make no mistake about it; I like to ride on my red ATV with the white lady bug decal firmly implanted on the right fender. I love the feel of the wind in my face and the experience of that raw, vibrating engine between my legs. But, I have found out the hard way that I cannot keep up with the men on high country, very steep, climbing enormous boulders, ATV excursions. No matter what we say, most women do not have the upper body strength to fight the bouncing and jarring handle bars of an ATV as it climbs a high country pass.

Take my word for it, those ATV’s will flip and go tumbling down rocky gullies in the flash of an eye. But anyway, this is still another wonderful way to experience summertime in the mountains. In my opinion, this is one way that the non-hiker can join in the experience of the real high country. There are a lot of places in the valley to rent an ATV, or a jeep, or a similar vehicle.

On the other hand, several of my friends have co-founded a group named the Quiet Use Coalition (QUC). Noise pollution is their greatest concern. They ascertain that places of quiet are becoming more and more difficult to find in Colorado. Most Americans live in urban areas. They further state that the places sought to escape noise; natural and undeveloped open spaces, forests and wilderness areas, have been recently invaded by an explosive growth of personal motorized recreational vehicles. They are correct with this. But since I like to do both, hike in the quiet hushed high country; I also like to ride my ATV. I propose that we find a way to live harmoniously so we can all enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Colorado.

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