Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ode to Inner Peace

Have you ever seen a mountain lake at sunrise with water so deep it resonates inner peace?
It reflects the beauty all around it; it filters the sun's light and invites profound self-reflection.

Have you ever heard the voice of a Native American with a tone so deep it resonates inner peace? A voice that is grounded to the earth. A voice that lends shelter to the soul. A voice that knows the truth.

Have you ever gazed up into the stars on a cloudless night with the constellations so close it seems you can touch them? The sky is vast and resonates inner peace. It really gives freedom to your inner thoughts. And should you happen to see a falling star or the northern lights shimmering, it steals your breath away.

I have seen a mountain lake at sunrise. There is no other time that is better. The only thing more powerful than the sight is the quietness. I have heard the voice of a Native American, one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard, like a warm wool blanket on a cold damp night. And that sky full of stars, I have seen that too, but never often enough.

Brian Luke Seaward

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