Thursday, November 29, 2007

PT Cruisers

Journal: Entry Eight, PT Cruisers
There are a lot of different shows in the summer. Quilt shows, art shows, festivals. One show this year is the PT Cruiser Club of Colorado. In Buena Vista we host every summer the Antique car show. This year, in addition to the Antique car show, we had the PT Cruisers of Colorado. The Cruiser is part car, part truck and entirely different from any other vehicle on the road. It first went on sale in March of 2000 and to some, was an instant hit. The PT stands for “personal transportation”. It was originally a Chrysler product and now a Daimler/Chrysler after Mercedes Benz took over from Germany. The PT has elements of a sedan, wagon, sport utility vehicle and a minivan. It also has four side doors, a rear lift gate. Daimler/Chrysler is threatening to stop producing them in 2009, so the time to purchase one is growing shorter. To the PT Cruiser clubbers, their cars are incredible hobbies. One was lime green with neon lights running around the undercarriage. Blasting the inside stereo is music like an old-fashioned ice cream truck. One car had a roll-bar instead of a backseat and an authentic parachute attached to the tail gate, just in case he went so fast he needed one. I never knew there was a PT Cruiser club. Their neon glowing love affairs with their cars gave luster to the downtown night sky of Buena Vista.

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